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Hall of Fame

The Florida Animal Health Foundation holds an annual recognition event called the Hall of Fame Banquet.  This is our chance to recognize outstanding pets, pet acts, or special function animals for what they have done in their community.  We also take this time to recognize some of the dedicated people who work so tirelesly for our little friends. 

2005’s event was a huge success thanks to hard work and generous contributions!  Categories for our nominees were Companion, Hero, Service Animal, Assistance Animal, and Education.  Below are some photos from October’s event. 

For the first time ever, the Florida Animal Health Foundation is recognizing a program with several deserving companions. Project PUP (which stands for Pets Uplifting People) is celebrating their eighteenth year in 2005.  Project PUP’s representatives visit more than a dozen nursing homes and assisted living facilities on a weekly basis as well as being ‘on call’ for Hospice. PUP also participates in the Senior Services Picnic, the Light Up Ocala Parade and the annual ‘Mutt Strutt’ which is a fundraiser for Alzheimer’s. There are currently 61 dogs and 1 cat in the program, ten of which are mixed breed dogs and nine are adopted or rescued from various agencies. Members have recently taken on a new project where they will provide, at no cost, a weekly delivery of pet food to the neediest shut ins who receive Meals on Wheels. PUP is participating in a program to send food and supplies to pets rescued from Hurricane Katrina. These are special animals indeed and even though they do not do magic tricks, they do put the magic back into the eyes of many!

HALL OF FAME SERVICE ANMMAL: Franny is an eight year old mixed breed dog who was found with severe infections when she adopted her companion by turning up on the doorstep. Franny was nursed back to health and soon became a Delta Society certified therapy partner. Franny and her human counterpart then started Hospice of the Comforter’s pet therapy program visiting hospice patients each week to provide a type of companionship that only a pet can. Franny visits patients in their homes, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Patients who have had to give up pets when they become ill are often the most grateful for a visit from a furry friend. Franny exhibits the very best traits that a service animal can; she is sweet, well-behaved, smart, tireless and dedicated to her job.

HALL OF FAME SERVICE ANIMAL: Sabre is a German Shepard dog born in the Czech Republic and assigned to the Temple Terrace Police Department as the very first patrol canine. Since his employment with the Police Department’s office, Sabre has been a loyal service animal with his Deputy in locating violent criminals, and assisting in locating large quantities of illegal substances that have, thanks to Sabre, been taken off of the streets. He routinely is involved in demonstrations of his K-9 abilities as a patrol dog during public gatherings and community oriented police work. As Temple Terrace Police Department’s very first patrol canine Sabre needed to perform his duties as well as win over the hearts of the community. Sabre’s work has been so successful that the canine patrol unit has been expanded. For his contributions and service in making our community a safer place to live, Sabre is inducted into the 2005 Animal Hall of Fame as a Special Service Animal.

HALL OF FAME HERO: Bob and his companion were swimming in the Hillsborough river off their dock as they often do. Bob enjoyed chasing the ball in the water.  However, Bobs human companion saw an extremely large and aggressive alligator charging at her. At hearing his masters scream, Bob abandons the ball and places himself in between his master and the alligator just seconds from the alligator attack.  The alligator grabbed Bob, rolled and took him under the water giving his human companion time to scramble to safety. Bob sacrificed his life to save that of his master.  For his ultimate sacrifice of love and courage, Bob is inducted posthumously into the 2005 Animal Hall of Fame as a Special Hero.

MEDIA AWARDS: Mr. Mason Dixon of Q105 (WRBQ 104.7FM) and Mr. Barry Bradley of St. Pete Times will be receiving a special Media Awards at the Banquet for their activities in promoting the human-animal bond.

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