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These are a couple of our IMPACT pups at their graduation! 

Inmates Providing Animals Care and Training (IMPACT): Carefully selected inmates in the Florida prison system raise and train puppies to eventually become candidates for seeing eye and assistance dogs. The inmates receive the immediate benefit of animal companionship and their long term job prospects are improved by learning skills and new ways of interacting with animals and people.

Disaster Relief: Care for animals through direct relief and coordination of disaster planning through the Animal Disaster Planning Advisory Committee (ADPAC), in cooperation with disaster relief through the American Animal Hospital (AAHA), Florida (FVMA) and American Veterinary Medical (AVMA associations.

Pet Grief Support of America: This is a web service provided by the Florida Animal Health Foundation board of directors.  The grief support includes a listing of possible reading material and some insightful information.  If you should desire the assistance of a volunteer counselor, an e-mail address is available for your correspondence and assistance. Additional information for the grieving and a reading list are available.  <Click Here>

Pets are Wonderful Support (PAWS): An organization at the University of Florida dedicated to helping people with AIDS and hospice patients continue to care for and keep their pets. PAWS volunteers help by providing labor needed to bathe a pet, change a litter box, drive a pet to the veterinarian, or transport pet food and supplies. In addition, senior veterinary students under the supervision of faculty from the College of Veterinary Medicine provide health care services for these pets. 

Florida Animal Hall of Fame: Our newest program which honors the extraordinary contributions that Florida animals make to human lives and to allow animal owners to celebrate and share their animals' wonderful accomplishments and furthering the public awareness of the human-animal bond.

This is one of the Paws Pups taking a break. 

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